47: No Cumin at the Shooting Range

June 5, 2017

TFG welcomes back Adam the Viking to discuss the benefits of lung capaity, getting ghosted at The Hunt for Red October, and meeting alien lifeforms while dabbling in the spirit molecule. This one is a real trip.

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46: Flossy Jews

May 29, 2017

Bring in the kiddies from this one so that Nic, Tee, and John can warp their little brains forever with talk of having a really petty love life, legit putting people in the Phantom Zone, and this Trump dude. Have y'all heard about this guy!?

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45: Young Metronome

May 21, 2017

Join Nic, Tee, and John as they examine mental illness through the small screen, the potential racial makeup of America's future and John launches all out war on a certain type of porn star.

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44: Beneficial Racism

May 15, 2017

Join the original TFG line up for their weekly round up of stuff that happened thirty years ago, what dudes do when they're chillin out in a basement or a tub, and of course what happens when you say some slick shit to the wrong one.

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43: Zika King

May 9, 2017

TFG welcomes Tuck to the show to get everybody woke on the truths that are hiding in plain site. Also friend of the show Alex Jones calls in for an interview segment.



42: Mayor of Pussytown

April 30, 2017

Nic, Tee, and John welcome Milza back for the first time to talk about stupid hipster trends, Star Trek as compared to our current collective reality, and John's reactions to bouncers saying some slick shit.


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41: The Nerve of This Nigga

April 25, 2017

Nic, Tee, and John welcome back Cynthia to talk about the difference between blood sausage and crip sausage, growing up in a mob family, and dying over a six-piece McNuggets.

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40: Two Days a Slave

April 17, 2017

TFG is back with special guest Brian to discuss fake body parts, robot sex workers, and going down under. This episode is funnier than a motherfucker.



39: Cocks, Crushes, and Curmudgeons

April 8, 2017

Nic, Tee, and John return with special guest podstar, A-a-Ron. This one's full of surprises folks, but we can give one away: John's dick is getting smaller. Laugh. Now.

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38: The One About Pig Buttholes

March 27, 2017

The TFG gang is joined by Marshall the Nashvillain to discuss lotion gloves, faux calamari, and the backest of backwoods Arkansas. This episode uses every part of the pig.  

This week's intro music is "Married to the Sound" by Marshall's band Waterfall Wash.

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