54: Pandamonium

August 22, 2017

TFG's very own social media ambassador Milza returns to chop it up about neo nazis, trying not to look creepy while driving a creepster van, and allowing your white significant other to don blackface. They also try and fail to get to the bottom of why white girls love Grey Gardens so much.

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53: Dick Shift

August 7, 2017

Season two rolls along with Nic, Tee, and John getting into roadsex, Usher burning people, and that one Madonna movie where she ate easy cheese(maybe). Also stripper-shaming, junk-naming, and Obama-blaming. This is the best thing ever!

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52: Bologna Colored People

August 3, 2017

TFG is back for its second season and on the menu is dating bottom-of-the-barrel rappers, settling racial conflicts with fisticuffs and new podcasts that are a lot more successful than this one. Pull up a chair, your ears are in for a treat.

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51: Inopportune Erections

July 10, 2017

Nic, Tee, and John welcome back Agent Quinn to talk about the fashion trends of Pride, detecting ghosts with everyday decorations and what to do when an engorged police officer pulls you over. They also play smash or pass with a world leader. Enjoy!

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50: Mtn Dudes

June 29, 2017

Join the TFG gang for part one of two where they discuss gay pride, life in North Korea, and which poitician's wife looks like which popular restaurant mascot.



49: Little Rock: Crack Capital of Arkansas

June 22, 2017

TFG welcomes Ryan to the show.

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48: Baby Got Blue Balls

June 13, 2017

The TFG gang is back at it again exploring lesser known racial stereotypes, shoes for rich people, and of course flying cockroaches.


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47: No Cumin at the Shooting Range

June 5, 2017

TFG welcomes back Adam the Viking to discuss the benefits of lung capaity, getting ghosted at The Hunt for Red October, and meeting alien lifeforms while dabbling in the spirit molecule. This one is a real trip.

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46: Flossy Jews

May 29, 2017

Bring in the kiddies from this one so that Nic, Tee, and John can warp their little brains forever with talk of having a really petty love life, legit putting people in the Phantom Zone, and this Trump dude. Have y'all heard about this guy!?

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45: Young Metronome

May 21, 2017

Join Nic, Tee, and John as they examine mental illness through the small screen, the potential racial makeup of America's future and John launches all out war on a certain type of porn star.

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